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"Well, the last time I formed an original band was 17 years ago." - Jamie

Orbit 17 is an experimental independent rock band based in San Jose, CA. Founded by Jamie Brite and Misha Guiffre in 2022, Orbit 17 exploits the capabilities of modern technology while remaining emotionally grounded and accessible. The music explores the conflict between the digital and the analog, and forces the two into an uneasy momentary harmony.

The group explore unusual territory for popular music, often featuring odd time signatures and uncommon harmonic modes. However, the songs never drift fully into progressive or experimental territory and remain hypnotic and radio friendly, if perhaps a bit “otherworldly.” 



// vocals

// guitar

Originally hailing from the swamps of southern Louisiana, Jamie picked up her first guitar at 15 and hasn’t put it down since. She left Louisiana at 22 and spent time in both Seattle and Tucson before settling in the Bay Area.

When not making cosmic waves from the Orbit 17 Moonbase, Jamie can be found hiking the many trails around the Bay Area, working on her bucket list of visiting all of the US National Parks or just visiting the local record shop to expand her growing collection of vinyl LPs.



// drums

Ryan’s first gig was banging out beats on the passenger side dashboard of his family’s station wagon at eight years old. Top 40 radio coming through the speakers, he couldn’t stop playing along as they rolled through rural Pennsylvania. His parents signed him up for drum lessons, and he’s been a student of rhythm ever since. Ryan is thrilled to be anchoring the sophisticated sounds and arrangements of Orbit 17. He also enjoys spending time outdoors on trails and on San Francisco Bay.

Misha Jacket.JPG


// bass

Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Misha began playing bass at 16 years old. In addition to bass, Misha is also a multi-instrumentalist that plays guitar and keyboards. With Orbit 17, he flexes some different creative muscles. The band is an outlet to explore prog, rock, and funk with complex chord voicings and odd time signatures. 


A massive fan of classic dub reggae, some of his favorite artists are King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Scientist, Niney The Observer, King Jammy, The Upsetters, and Mad Professor. Misha also loves mountain biking and hanging out with his doggies.

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