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Orbit 17 at Elbo Room, Neck of the Woods

We've got two more big shows coming at you this month! Are we over-booked? Maybe. But we don't care! We're keeping the Summer train rolling! First up we'll be back in the East Bay at the Elbo Room Jack London with Brother Swan, Silver Shores and SWISS.!


And if that isn't enough, we'll be celebrating Orbit 17th on July 17 with some of our favorite local bands including the Hot Takes, Dear Banshee and Loser Soup at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco!


Get your tickets in advance to save a few dinero and come celebrate the summer with us!


Also as promised, we've also got some more new music coming this month when we'll finally be releasing "Big Sur" one of our live show staples!

Yes, nerd, that intro riff is in 7/8. :)

You can pre-save it now, or hear us perform it live at one of our shows!


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